“Bankers are not conservative at all. They are just phenomenally skilled at self-deception by burying the possibility of a large, devastating loss under the rug.”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan


Of course the Art Reserve Bank is also offering some interesting derivatives. In our case these are not shady speculations with virtual values, but tangible works of art which are really worth something.

€ 15.00 (€ 12.40 excl. VAT)

€ 9.99 (€ 8.26 excl. VAT)

€ 9.99 (€ 8.26 excl. VAT)

€ 9.99 (€ 8.26 excl. VAT)


A harsh sanction after the 2008 crisis was the compulsory signing by bankers of a declaration of integrity. For the Art Reserve Bank, Ron Peperkamp, the project's initiator, has made a slightly adapted version of this declaration. 25 hand printed copies of this woodcut (60x100 cm) are available – a must-have for conscientious artists, art lovers and, of course, bankers!

€ 302.50 (€ 250.00 excl. VAT)

Woodprint IK VERKLAAR - framed

A handprinted woodcut including passepartout and aluminium frame

€ 393.25 (€ 325.00 excl. VAT)


By popular demand, reproductions of this woodcut by Ron Peperkamp have been printed. For a donation of € 15 you receive a copy signed by the initiator of the bank.

€ 9.99 (€ 8.26 excl. VAT)

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