“One thing to realize about the fractional reserve banking system is that, like a child's game of musical chairs, as long as the music is playing, there are no losers.”

Andrew Gause


At the Art Reserve Bank you can change your regular money into a new currency. We call this currency Art Works — for that is what our coins really are: unique works of art designed by renowned artists.

Every week a new coin is designed by the current artists.

These coins are minted in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

Every coin is issued for one week only.

The exchange rate varies and is set by the trade value of the coins already in circulation.

Each coin is sold with a money-back guarantee. Better yet: on top of a completely refunded purchase price, you'll get a whopping 10% interest*!

So in this way the coin acts as a claim on a deposit. But at the Art Reserve Bank, the deposit is not invested in commercial loans, funds, bonds or stocks, but solely used for the financing of this monetary experiment.

As the owner of a coin you are also co-owner of the the bank. That is because the Art Reserve Bank is created as a cooperative in which the coins act as a token of membership. So at the annual meeting you can decide on the financial and artistic course of the bank.

You can buy a coin:

  • At one of the branches
    Our branch managers will gladly explain how the experiment works.
  • At the online teller
    Online you can order a coin or the complete series by the current artist.
  • Via the dealing room
    Coins in circulation are traded in our online dealing room. So you can also try to obtain a coin on this public marketplace.

The prices in the dealing room show what the Art Works are actually worth. From this the average trade value of the coins can then be deduced. This trade value in turn decides the current exchange rate of our currency.


  * 10% non-compound interest a year



Coop Art Reserve Bank — Overtoom 256, 1054JA Amsterdam — T. +31 6 1226 3331 — info@kunstreservebank.nl