“Our banking system grew by accident; and whenever something happens by accident, it becomes a religion.”

Walter Wriston

About the bank

The Art Reserve Bank is set up as a cooperative. Both the financial and the artistic course are set bij the members.

Board and management

The board of directors is responsible for reaching the goals of the experiment which are set by the statues of the coop.

The board has appointed Ron Peperkamp as managing director. He is in charge of running the bank.

The board is also appointing an Advisory Board which' members assist the managing director. Important financial decissions are also put to this board.

Ultimately the annual members' meeting is deciding on both the financial and artistic course of the bank.

J.G.M. de Bruijn H.H.J. van Meegdenburg H. Koning

Prof.dr. J.G.M. de Bruijn

M.A. de Boer

H.H.J. van Meegdenburg

H. Koning


The Art Reserve Bank is set up by artists and not by wealthy investors or private equity funds. The entire project is privately paid for by the initiators and not subsidized by either council or state grants. The setup and construction of the bank is done with the support of crowds of sponsors and volunteers.

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Committee recommendation:

Herman WijffelsProf.dr. H.H.F. Wijffels, former CEO of Rabobank, chairman of the Dutch Social Economic Council and administrator at the World Bank in Washington. Herman Wijffels is currently professor of 'Sustainability and Social change' at Utrecht University.

Arnold HeertjeProf.dr. A. Heertje, Emiritus professor of Political Economy at University of Amsterdam's law faculty. Meanwhile professor of History of Economics and member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW).

Rick van der PloegProf.dr. F. van der Ploeg, was State Secretary for culture and media in the Kok II cabinet. Rick van der Ploeg is now professor of Economics at Oxford University and professor Political Economy at Amsterdam School of Economics.

Coop Art Reserve Bank — Overtoom 256, 1054JA Amsterdam — T. +31 6 1226 3331 — info@kunstreservebank.nl